Planet Bas

Planet Bas

Health, fitness, stories, experiences, fights, MMA, faith, family and friends. All told only the way Bas can. This content will be all over the place but never boring. All things Bas.

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Planet Bas
  • Bas has a brush with the Super Natural

    A candid talk about Faith.

  • Bas Made Mistakes. He also has fixes.

    A long career in the fight game. Mistakes were made. But that was a good thing. That's how you learn.

  • Bas grapples with 6 Time World Champ Victor Hugo

    Bas talks with 6 time World Champion Vitor Hugo about grappling and technique before Victor's appearance in a World Championship September 1st. Bas talks about tricks he used in Japan that brought him some of his many submission wins in Pancrase.

  • Patrick Lyons Fitness Influencer: Part 2

    Patrick Lyons - Founder and CEO of the Lyon Shred and the Online Fitness Coach Academy


    Client Transformations/Testimonials:

    The Lyon Shred:

    Online Fitness Coach Academy: https://lyon...

  • Patrick Lyons Fitness Influencer: Part 1

    Patrick Lyons - Founder and CEO of the Lyon Shred and the Online Fitness Coach Academy


    Client Transformations/Testimonials:

    The Lyon Shred:

    Online Fitness Coach Academy: https://lyon...

  • Bas explains "The Liver Shot"

    Bas Rutten is a UFC Hall of Fame fighter. He shares his techniques that got him to the top. Bas explains how and when to use the Liver Shot that he helped make famous.

  • Mental Chess Part 2

    Just a fun video.

  • Mental Chess

    Bas talks about the mind game of pro fighting. Little tricks and tips about how to occupy an opponents head without them knowing. Ways to get inside. Subtle and effective.

  • Bas and Karate Combat

    Bas talks with Ross Levine technique, Karate Combat

  • On the Road with Bas

    A quick business trip from Kentucky to Miami.

  • Bas rediscovers his Faith

    This video tells the story from childhood to now and the journey... back to faith.

  • The Cable machine Routine

    A simple cable machine routine developed by Bas that can be easily modified to work for all ages and genders. Go slow or go hard. The results are great.

  • Fights 4 & 5

    Bas talks about his 4th and 5th fights in Pancrase. The things he learned and the things he wish he knew. Two more wins. Some behind the scenes with Bas.

  • Planet Bas. Episode 1. SF Ryan Hendrickson

    This interview talks about recovery and determination. The similarities of 2 very different people and journeys.

  • Bas Rutten's Start in MMA and his First Fight

    Bas will walk you through how he was introduced into combat sports. He will narrate his first fight and let you know what was going on before and after his 1st of many victories. Only the way he can.

  • Planet Bas. Stamina & Technique

    Bas explains his routine for the weeks before a big fight. In depth training and technique. This is good information for any athlete and really good for those about to compete. It just makes sense.

  • Bas Rutten's 2nd fight in Pancrase

    Bas explains how his 2nd fight in the newly formed Pancrase in Japan went down. He talks about Japan and the culture.

  • Bouncer in Holland Days

    Bas tells us how he tried to always prevent fights as a bouncer with the powers of persuasion until the other party doesn't wanna hear it. Funny and honest.

  • Breakfast with Jim

    Bas talks about diet and routine the weeks before a fight. What to do and what not to do. Speaking from experience. Better to learn them now and not do what he has done.

  • Bas takes his first loss

    Learn from your mistakes. Blame the only person that might be responsible.

  • Bas visits a Gun Shop

    Bas visits a Gun Shop and gets informed about types of weapons for hunting, home defense, self defense, target and machine guns. Yes, machine guns. A fun day in the life of Bas Rutten.

  • A day in the life of a retired fighter, Bas Rutten

    We follow Bas around for the day. Nothing crazy. Just the ups and downs of everyday life with the Bas twist. Never dull and always entertaining.

  • Addiction

    Bas talks about his own battles. This is not professional help. Just someone you might relate to. Been there and done it all. But he got better.

  • Bas talks with "Uncle" Hal Gottsacker

    Bas has a long sit down discussion with a very interesting business man from Texas. He won the 87 Cannon Ball Run on a off the assembly line Harley Davidson. Interesting guy with interesting and funny stories.