Health, Fitness, & Anti-Aging

Health, Fitness, & Anti-Aging

Raising awareness and education toward becoming your best self both inside and out!
Experts share advice, tips, and information in functional medicine, health, fitness, anti-aging, exercise, workouts, nutrition, sports science, and motivation. Hormone optimization TRT/HRT, amino and peptide therapy, liquid IV, skin rejuvenation, telomeres, gut health, functional medicine, supplementation, and recovery. Also includes experts in business and marketing for personal trainers, athletes, and gym owners.

Education, and raising awareness for optimal health, fitness, wellness, and sports performance.

Health, Fitness, & Anti-Aging
  • Broser Built

    6 items

    Discussion and demonstration of proper exercise technique, unique exercise variations, nutrition and supplementation for bodybuilders, athletes and fitness enthusiasts. This channel is devoted to helping everyone manifest more rapid and significant progress from their health and fitness regimen, ...

  • ANGT TV America's Next Great Trainer

    1 season

    Physicians, Trainers, Athletes. Sharing advice, tips, and information in medicine, health, fitness, anti-aging, nutrition, sports science, and motivation. Including experts in business and marketing for personal trainers, athletes, and gym owners.

  • 619 Muscle TV

    4 items

    IFBB Pro Coach Pete Ciccone RN, BSN, CSCS Founder of 619 Muscle
    At 619 Muscle we believe there is a Superhero inside each of us through the
    science and the art of bodybuilding, our goal is unleash that superhero within you!
    Let us show you how to do it! Training, Nutrition, Supplementation, Lifes...

  • World of Wellness

    2 items

    World of Wellness is dedicated to improving and optimizing the functioning of the entire person: body, mind, and emotions, through safe, effective, and natural methods. We carry a robust inventory of natural health solutions while offering premium wellness services including:

    - Traditional chiro...

  • Dr. Silverman Gut Health

    4 items

    Dr. Robert G. Silverman is a chiropractic doctor, clinical nutritionist, international
    speaker and author of, “Inside-Out Health: A Revolutionary Approach to Your
    Body,” an Amazon No. 1 bestseller in 2016. The ACA Sports Council named Dr.
    Silverman “Sports Chiropractor of the Year” in 2015. His e...

  • OptimalBody No Gym Required!

    2 items

    Attain your OptimalBody without going to the gym! David Lyons, National Fitness Hall of Fame inductee and Arnold Schwarzenegger Lifetime Achievement Award winner, will help you achieve your fitness goals. With more than 40 years as an awarded fitness expert and named to the Top 100 Healthcare Lea...

  • Planet Bas

    5 items

    Health, fitness, stories, experiences, fights, MMA, faith, family and friends. All told only the way Bas can. This content will be all over the place but never boring. All things Bas.

  • Midlife Mastery

    1 season

    Midlife Mastery encompasses all the pertinent information a woman over 40/50 & beyond needs in order to navigate this very special time in their lives. A midlife woman goes through physiological, biological and mental changes of which many can be confusing and/or cause anxiety. MIdlife Mastery a...

  • The Fight Nutritionist

    1 season

    Registered Dietitian, Master’s in Sports Nutrition, and combat sports specialist
    Jackie Kaminski discusses the fitness world’s most deliberated topics.

  • Elite Self Image

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    Welcome to Elite Self Image! My name is Joshua Self, I am a Master Trainer and Professional Physique Competitor. My channel will educate you on how your muscles and bones work together, and how to build muscle the safest and most efficient way possible! Bodybuilding is a longevity sport, it ta...

  • Ultimate Body Quest - Creating Your Mature Fitness Kingdom

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    Aging and Fitness does not have to be complicated or frustrating. And it doesn’t have to be an “All or Nothing” approach. Getting and staying fit, healthy, and energized, in your 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond requires four simple things, Mindset, Strategy, Implementation, and Desire. If you’re lacki...

  • Warrior Island

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    Warrior Island. A mysterious island with magic powers where fighters from around the world come to train and compete to become the ultimate Island Warrior. Warrior Island is a Comic Book, TV show and Major Motion Picture. Warrior Island, where great Warriors are Discovered and Fans have a voice!