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Eleven XXIV Productions
  • Fight Choreography - Session Two: The Octagon

    In this session of Fight Choreography, Derick and Zak work through the scenes in the octagon. They consider the size differences that may be a factor when working with other stunt performers. Through their process, they discover different possibilities through fight improvisation and have come u...

  • Fight Choreography Session One

    In this fight choreography session, Derick and Zak work through the process of determining.fight sequences for different scenes of the film. They consider the locations, characters, and the safety precautions for each scene and work through the details to create them effectively.

  • Working through pain

    Preparation of any sport there’s risk for injury. The question is what do we do when it happens. We access what is it. How bad is it and what can we do to keep going.

  • Eleven XXIV Productions intro video. Follow us on the Journey!!

    This channel will follow The Movie preparation for the Star of the film. It will follow him through all the training necessary to do an MMA movie as well as real time nutrition and body transformation and the utilization of wellness and bio hack training which is new and state of the art to make ...