Dr. Robert Goldman WorldHealth.net

Dr. Robert Goldman WorldHealth.net

World renowned and highly respected leader in the world of medicine, anti aging, health, fitness, bodybuilding and martial arts. Dr. Goldman is the founder of NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). His contributions and positive impact have been felt worldwide, including the anti aging industry.

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Dr. Robert Goldman WorldHealth.net
  • A4M - Every Specialty in the Mix

    Dr. Robert Goldman describes how the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) is different from other medical associations in that they accept physicians and healthcare professionals from all specialties. For example, a cardio association only permits cardiologists to join and learn. The A4M...

  • Can We De-Age our bodies?

    Dr. Robert Goldman describes how we can de-age our bodies through diet, exercise, and medical interventions like bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and peptide therapy.

  • Do You Know Dr. Bob

    Dr. Goldman is a 7th degree Black Belt, Chinese weapons expert, world champion strength athlete, physician, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and philanthropist. This video highlights the remarkable life of Dr. Robert Goldman, including the mind blowing world record of 321 free-standing consecut...