Dr. Ken Davis Advanced Health System

Dr. Ken Davis Advanced Health System

Providing Guidance and Mentoring that myself and team have learned and embraced over the decades…. This includes Life Style, Detoxification, Functional Medicine, Hormonal Balance, Metabolic Typing *What do we really need to be eating,. It will also provide techniques and practices that incorporate meditation, introspection, and other self healing techniques and procedures to create balance in body, mind and spirit.

It will also feature the various disciplines learned and practiced by Dr. Davis, IFBB Pro at age 70, whose current mentor is legendary bodybuilder, Frank Zane. A third degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Dr. Davis will also share his knowledge and experiences as well as his 12 year adventures, all over the world, studying the various cultures, healing practices, and Mystical Sites that he visited.

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Dr. Ken Davis Advanced Health System
  • Cortisol Castrates

    Yes! We are calling it, Like It Is!! Stress cuts Testosterone production just about everywhere possible, leading to Low T.

  • Testosterone 101

    Testosterone is an Androgen hormone… Androgens are the group of sex hormones that give men their 'male' characteristics. The major sex hormone in men is testosterone, which is produced mainly in the testes. When there is not enough testosterone circulating in the body, it can cause a wide range ...

  • Metabolic Type Diet- your unique diet

    Metabolic Typing Diets centers around the concept that your metabolism—how your body burns food for energy—is unique to you and largely determined by your genetics. The diet suggests that the rate of your metabolism is determined by two inherited factors including the most dominant autonomic nerv...

  • Triune of Wellbeing

    Dr. Ken Davis explains the Triune of Wellbeing. Breakdown and distortion. The 5 Fiery Elements of Disease and Breakdown.Layers of distortion from life.The physical, mental and spiritual sides.