- First Class Longevity - First Class Longevity aim is to extend the length of the active part of humans lifespan. The clinics are part of a wider network within the, which invested in dozens innovative biotechnological companies around the world. "We don't promise people they'll live up to 150 years; The goal may be to live to 90 years, whilst being as healthy and active as possible; having the energy to work, to do sports and pursue hobbies.“
Our primary focus is on preventive medicine. The key is to examine the overall health of the patient's individual organs and systems, their physiology and biochemical parameters. Based on the diagnostics, we can identify weak points of the patient's organism, and address their reprogramming by designing specific interventions as well as improving the client's lifestyle. Typically, modify nutrition, exercise, and address the psychological aspect. We also apply infusion therapies and other medical methods.

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  • at Mr. Olympia 2023 at Mr. Olympia 2023 - CEO HLC Petr Sramek & Rob Fletcher