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The Menace Podcast

Chris Lewis on The Menace Podcast


Up Next in Season 1

  • OLD SCHOOL ROUND TABLE - "Why Mike Ty...

    Flex Wheeler, Chris Cormier & Milos Sarcev talk to Dennis James about their experiences in bodybuilding including the time Mike Tyson hit Chris Cormier. This is a SPECIAL OG episode with the legends of the sport of bodybuilding - Don't miss it!

    The Old School Roundtable:
    00:00:00 - Flex talk...

  • Johnny Jackson on The Menace Podcast

    Johnny Jackson speaks with Dennis James about his gym opening, staying in shape since his retirement, the Chicago Pro (which was held in Atlanta due to covid restrictions) and his conditioning.

    Johnny also talks about his opinion on those wanting to compete in multiple divisions like Shaun Clari...

  • DORIAN HAYWOOD on The Menace Podcast

    Dorian Hayward is the bodybuilding chiropractor and IFBB Men's Open Pro who has trained at Armbrust Pro Gym in Colorado for the last 11 years. When Dorian first started going there, Phil Heath, who also trains at Armbrust wasn't Mr. Olympia yet.

    "I'm gonna start off with Indy Pro. Very next week...