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The Menace Podcast

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Bodybuilding legend Dennis James takes viewers along on provocative and free-wheeling interviews with the world's top stars of fitness.

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The Menace Podcast
  • JUAN MOREL on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 34

    Dennis James speaks with former Mr Olympia competitor and MyCookieDealer Juan Morel about growing up in Manhattan, NY, and what made him decide to be a bodybuilder.

    As a young man Juan began to buy bodybuilding magazines, and saw competitors such as Ronnie Coleman, Kevin Levrone and Flex Wheeler...

  • SAMIR BANNOUT on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 34

    Samir Bannout (Mr. Olympia 1983) one of only 16 people on the planet with the title "Mr. Olympia" speaks with Dennis James about following the sport, what has changed in bodybuilding and in the Mr. Olympia contest over the years.

    Lifting in Lebanon as a young man, looking up to Arnold in the 70'...

  • GEORGE FARAH on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 33

    George "The Guru" Farah speaks with Dennis James about his history and background being a bodybuilder, coming back from tragedy and competing at the Olympia. How George Farah helps coach bodybuilding champions. And the results.

    "Entanglement" is the foundation of George Farah's coaching and his ...

  • Branch-Warren on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 32

    Dennis James talks with Branch Warren, the 2007 New York Pro winner and two-time top-3 Mr. Olympia finisher.

    Work ethic and determination are phrases that get thrown around quite often. But if you know anything about Branch Warren, they apply to nearly every aspect of the Texas native’s life. Th...

  • JAMES HOLLINGSHEAD on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 31

    Dennis James speaks with James Hollingshead on the Menace Podcast about his similarities to Dorian, his diet, traveling difficulties due to COVID and his conditioning and training routine as Mr Olympia approaches - Will other bodybuilders come in big to compete with Rami instead of being in top c...

  • LEE LABRADA on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 30

    Dennis James talks with Lee Labrada who placed in the Top 5 for each of the seven years he competed in Mr. Olympia.

    It’s one thing for a father to predict great success for his son, but it’s another when the father is a legend in the son’s sport. Lee Labrada has won 13 professional bodybuilding ...

  • The Menace Podcast - Keone Pearson

    Episode 22

    Keone Pearson appears on this week's episode of The Menace Podcast to discuss his vision for the future after transitioning from the Pro Classic Physique to the 212 division.

  • The Menace Podcast - Robert Timms

    Episode 21

    Host of "The Menace Podcast" Dennis James interviews IFBB Classic Physique Pro Robert Timms and talks about his battle against cancer and his future plans.

  • Janet Layug Talks About Her Past and Future on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 20

    There are many deserving champions throughout all the divisions in bodybuilding and physique sports. Arguably, the most popular athlete in the Bikini division is the reigning Bikini Olympia Champion, Janet Layug. Her physique, confidence, and dedication to improving connected her with fans all ov...

  • The Menace Podcast - Steve Kuclo

    Episode 19

    From fighting fires to competing for Arnold and the Olympia 2021 to swimming with the financial sharks on Shark Tank. Steve Kuclo does it all.

    Steve Kuclo speaks frankly about Iain Valliere and his 2nd place finish at the 2021 IFBB Texas Pro as well as his final chance to qualify for this year’s...

  • Blessing Awodibu: “My Dream is to Compete at the Olympia”

    Episode 18

    The sport of bodybuilding is full of rising stars that want to be recognized as champions in the near future. One of those stars is Blessing Awodibu. A native of Nigeria who moved to Ireland as a child, Awodibu saw initial fame through entertaining videos on social media. He told Dennis James on ...

  • The Menace Podcast- Breon Ansley

    Episode 17

    2x Classic Physique Champion Breon Ansley shares his struggles and mindset going into Mr. Olympia 2021 and is hungrier more than ever.

  • Sergio Oliva Jr. Carries an Olympia Sized Legacy with Him

    Episode 16

    Many bodybuilders can understand the position that their contemporaries are in when they step onstage at any IFBB Pro League show. That can’t be said about Sergio Oliva Jr.

    Oliva Jr. is the only person in the sport that is the son of a former Mr. Olympia — that would be three-time champion Sergi...

  • VICTOR MARTINEZ on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 15

  • William Bonac Was Very Close to Never Competing in Bodybuilding

    Episode 14

    Everyone loves a success story. Seeing or hearing about someone overcoming hurdles and hardships to reach a point of prosperity can be inspiring for those that need it. Bodybuilding fans can find such a story in the form of William Bonac. The superstar from the Netherlands is considered by many t...

  • Wesley Vissers Prepares and Competes in a Classic Way

    Episode 13

    Many of the most popular competitors in the IFBB Pro League reside in the Classic Physique division. Chris Bumstead may be the Olympia champion and face of that division, but there are numerous stars that live around the world. One of them is Wesley Vissers of the Netherlands, and he is much more...

  • Kamal Elgargni Made Bodybuilding a Booming Business

    Episode 12

    One goal of every bodybuilder is to be able to parlay the training into business success. It isn’t only about paying the bills this month. Long-term financial freedom as to be considered as well. Great examples of champions who mastered the business world include Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jay Cut...

  • Derek Lunsford Hopes Change Will Help Him Win the 212 Olympia Title

    Episode 11

    Derek Lunsford was a rising star in the 212 division that appeared to be on an express lane to legendary status. He went from winning the 2017 USA’s to taking first at the Tampa Pro six days later. He then went on to place fifth after the Olympia a few weeks later. He then followed that up with a...

  • Craig Golias Has Become a Big Deal

    Episode 11

    Many young men have joined gyms and started lifting weights with the purpose of getting as big as possible. If you were to take their deepest thoughts and turn them into a real person, the result would be Craig Golias. At six feet, three inches tall, Golias normally weighs in the neighborhood of ...

  • Chris Bumstead Had to Go Cross-Country to Train

    Episode 10

    Ever since the start of the pandemic, people in the bodybuilding and fitness industry have had to make adjustments to support their lifestyles. This included people at the Olympia level as well. For evidence to back this up, look no further than two-time Classic Physique Olympia champion Chris Bu...

  • Big Ramy

    Dennis James and Big Ramy talk at length about Ramy's 2020 Mr. Olympia win and who the reigning champ sees as his top challenger in 2021. In addition, James presses Ramy on why he nearly quit professional bodybuilding prior to winning the Sandow at least year's O.

  • Andrea Shaw

    Dennis James interview with 2020 Ms. Olympia and Ms Rising Phoenix champion, Andrea Shaw on this week's episode of The Menace Podcast.

  • Dexter Jackson

    When Dexter Jackson accepted his ninth-place finish at the 2020 Olympia, it was the conclusion of a 22-year bodybuilding career that many consider one of the greatest ever. The 2008 Mr. Olympia, five-time Arnold Classic winner, and all-time record holder for pro wins (29), joined Dennis James for...

  • Natalia Coelho

    Natalia Coelho could be considered much more than one of the most popular athletes in the Women’s Physique division. The Brazilian’s popularity could rank up among the best in the entire IFBB Pro League. The two-time Arnold winner and Olympia runner-up joined Dennis James on this week’s episode o...