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Bodybuilding legend Dennis James takes viewers along on provocative and free-wheeling interviews with the world's top bodybuilders and coaches. Watch free with registration. Share comments. Stay up to date.

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The Menace Podcast

    Episode 105

    Stan McCrary, Melvin Anthony & Dexter Jackson join the OG's to talk about recent international competitions and the outlook for first time Olympian's in Vegas this year. Stay tuned for the Top 6 picks from all the guys.

    2:26 - Dennis - About Romania Pro

    7:02 - Chris - About Romania...


    Episode 104

    2:55 - Chris - About Breon

    7:05 - Jose - Jose joins zoom

    12:38 - Jose - What do you think about all the Ramy talks?

    20:46 - Milos - Milos joins zoom - boxes change

    26:14 - Milos - What’s your opinion on 212 to open and how do you judge that?

    29:10 - Dennis - Keone has all the t...


    Episode 103


    2:09 - Chris - Introduces Jimmy

    2:50 - Dennis - About his show in Germany

    9:37 - Dennis - Confession

    24:32 - Jimmy - About his photo shoots

    26:50 - Dennis - Who here bought magazines with themselves on the cover?

    34:07 - Milos - How did you train, break it down

    43:47 - Jimmy -...


    Episode 102

    0:32 - Dennis - Chris wearing make up
    13:36 - Melvin - I went plant base
    17:28 - Chris - Did you retire or walk away?
    21:17 - Melvin - I have a process about eating my sugar
    22:12 - Melvin - Chris forgets shit but let me remind you
    26:05 - Chris - When I met Melvin
    34:14 - Denni...

  • 8x Ms. Olympia Lenda Murray on today's Women's Bodybuilders

    Episode 101

    1:36 - Lenda - About maintaining good health
    6:09 - Lenda - About Bev Francis
    10:04 - Dennis - Who helped you get started in WBB?
    19:48 - Dennis - Give me a Lenda Murray signature pose
    20:20 - Chris - About Lenda’s poses
    27:53 - Dennis - Why did Women’s BB disappear from Olympia?


    Thank you FAN's for your unwavering support! We have a special episode today for the 100th TMP Old School Roundtable episode with guests
    CHRIS CORMIER, MILOS SARCEV, GEORGE FARAH, CHRIS ACETO, CHAD NICHOLLS & LEE PRIEST. Please like, share and subscribe and let us know who else you would like t...

  • Dorian Vs. Milos on the Science of Training

    Episode 99

    0:46 - Dennis - Dust Storm
    7:55 - Dennis to Chris - Brings up the One Chip Challenge
    10:41 - Dorian Yates joins zoom
    18:20 - Milos to Dorian - Do you still follow the Olympia?
    20:36 - Dorian - My interests are different now
    25:00 - Dorian to Milos - Gets heated
    30:40 - Dorian - I n...

  • Lee Haney on Today's Bodybuilders - TMP

    Episode 98

    Lee Haney joins the round table to talk about Mr. Olympia back in the day.

    6:10 - Milos to Dennis - You look jacked
    7:38 - Chris calling Lee Haney
    10:53 - Dennis - Arnold UK
    20:23 - Dennis - What did you guys think about James Hollingshead
    30:25 - Lee Haney joins zoom
    35:31 - Chris ...

  • Ronnie Coleman joins Old School Roundtable!

    Episode 97

    Dennis James hosts another Old School Round Table with Chris Cormier, Milos Sarcev, and special guest Ronnie Coleman. Ronnie talks about his first Olympia, and what he thinks of this years Olympia lineup.

    15:00 - Dennis - Shopping Versace
    18:34 - Dennis - New shoes
    29:55 - Milos - Samson weig...

  • Old School Roundtable with Special Guest Big Ramy

    Episode 96

    Dennis James hosts another Old School Roundtable with Milos Sarcev, Chris Cormier and the reigning Mr. Olympia, best known as Big Ramy. Ramy breaks down his preparation, physically and mentally, for this year's Mr. Olympia as well as his prospects for athletes alike.


    00:00 - Dennis...

  • Old School Roundtable with Special Guest Kris Dim

    Episode 95

    Dennis James hosts another Old School Roundtable with Milos Sarcev, Chris Cormier and special guest Kris Dim. Kris explains how a bursted aorta and the resulting surgery led to his competition-ending spinal cord injury. The OG's also discuss Kris' competition history as well as their predictions ...

  • Old School Roundtable with Special Guest Troy Alves

    Episode 94

    Dennis James hosts another Old School Roundtable with Milos Sarcev, Chris Cormier and special guest Troy Alves. Dennis, who's currently training Big Ramy, hosts this week's episode virtually from Dubai. Troy talks about his upbringing in martial arts, recent deaths in the bodybuilding world and b...

  • Old School Roundtable with Special Guest Tony Doherty

    Episode 93

    Dennis James hosts another Old School Roundtable with Milos Sarcev, Chris Cormier and special guest Tony Doherty. The bodybuilding OGs catch up with each other before welcoming Tony Doherty into the discussion. Tony shares stories about Sonny Schmidt, the Australian Pro and touring with Arnold.


  • Darrem Charles and Hany Rambod on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 92

    1:08 -DENNIS TO MILOS- Andrew Jacked and Texas Pro

    4:40 -DENNIS TO HANY- Hany explains Andrew Jacked at the Texas Pro

    11:12 -DENNIS TO MILOS- Talks about England Show

    13:19 -MILOS TO DENNIS- Andrew Jacked's Physique Potential

    15:50 -DENNIS TO HANY- Asking "How do you know what your 100% i...

  • Old School Roundtable with Special Guest Bob Cicherillo

    Episode 91

    Dennis James hosts another Old School Roundtable with Milos Sarcev, Chris Cormier and Special Guest Bob Cicherillo. The bodybuilding OGs discuss posing rounds at Olympia and how they're judged. Bob doesn't like crossovers in pro divisions. Bob wants to change the system for athletes competing at ...

  • Old School Roundtable with Special Guest Flex Wheeler

    Episode 90

    Dennis James hosts another Old School Roundtable with Milos Sarcev, Chris Cormier and Special Guest Flex Wheeler, who discusses being stuck at the hospital and health situation. The guys also discuss their thoughts on Olympia competitors now vs 20 years ago. With a surprise call from Big Ramy.


  • Old School Roundtable with Special Guest Jean-Pierre Fux

    Episode 89

    Dennis James hosts another Old School Roundtable with Milos Sarcev, Chris Cormier and Special Guest Jean-Pierre Fux, who discusses his surprising reaction to a career-ending injury as well as his outlook for this year's Olympia contenders.

    5:46 - Jean: "I went to the Arnold, didn’t know what I w...

  • King Kamali on the Old School Roundtable Pt 9 on TMP

    Episode 88

    Dennis James' The Menace Podcast featuring the Old School Roundtable and special guest King Kamali, Chris Cormier and Milos Sarcev!

    00:28 How do you pronounce your real name ("King")? - Dennis to King

    01:50 "What is your current height/weight?" (And why are we all shrinking?!)

    06:04 "What give...

  • Old School Roundtable with special guest Dennis Wolf

    Episode 87

    Dennis James hosts another Old School Roundtable with Milos Sarcev, Chris Cormier and Special Guest DENNIS WOLF

    3:37 - DJ - Bank robbery story in Thailand

    6:19 - DJ - What did you guys think about Orland Pro?

    9:12 - Milos - About posing routines

    9:53 - D.Wolf - Posing advice

    12:35 - C...

  • FEMALE ROUND TABLE on the Menace Podcast

    Episode 86

    Announcing the FIRST EVER women's round table on The Menace Podcast!
    Dennis talks with Ms. Olympia Andrea, Shaw, Lauralie Chapados, and Natalia Coelho!

    1:07 - Natalia speaks about competing

    4:42 - Andrea talks about being the spokesperson for her division

    6:21 - Lauralie on feeling like doing...

  • "Gunter Schlierkamp was Joe Weider's favorite" - The OG ROUND TABLE PT 6

    Episode 85

    2:41 - Milos asks Gunter how could you just leave the sport?

    6:26 - Dennis talks about how on last episode, Kevin got confused about Joe Weider fixing the Olympia

    6:40 - Can we all agree that Gunter was Joe Weider's favorite? ;-)

    12:10 - Dennis to Gunter, “What did it feel like that Joe had yo...

  • Walter Martin on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 83

    Originally from Detroit, IFBB Pro bodybuilder Walter Martin was always strong even compared to college kids when he was in eighth grade. Struggling with academics, Walter decided minimum pay jobs were not for him. He joined the Job Corp and later ended up competing and opening up his own gym.


  • OG ROUND TABLE, pt 5

    Episode 84

    Includes Kevin Levrone, Chris Cormier, Milos Sarcev and Toney Freeman.
    Another amazing 2-hours all about bodybuilding!

    2:00 - Toney on how he got parasites

    11:15 - Milos shares his tuna story

    15:30 - Toney about taking bathroom pictures and training to look full

    17:00 - Chris to Toney - Tak...

  • How would Derek Lunsford do in the Olympia 2022 Men's Open?

    Episode 82

    Dennis James, Jay Cutler & Chris Cormier talk about how Derek Lunsford would do in the Olympia Men's Open Division, cutting weight, injuries and how Chris almost died on this week's Old School Roundtable. Don't Miss it!

    The Old School Roundtable with Jay Cutler & Chris Cormier

    36:09 - Jay talks...