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The Menace Podcast

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Bodybuilding legend Dennis James takes viewers along on provocative and free-wheeling interviews with the world's top stars of fitness.

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The Menace Podcast
  • CHAD NICHOLLS on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 51

    Chad Nicholls is no stranger to controversy as a top coach of elite bodybuilders, including working with 2X Mr. Olympia champion, Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay.

    On this episode of “The Menace Podcast” Chad looks back at his multi-decade career and shares his opinions on numerous topics. He also lo...

  • William Bonac on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 50

    Two-time Arnold Classic Champion William Bonac had to watch the last Classic due to Covid restrictions. He talks with Dennis James about missing the Arnold Classic, watching the other competitors including Nick Walker (who came out of nowhere to win), Mr . Olympia in 2021 and his trtaining regime...

  • Nathan De Asha on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 49

    Nathan De Asha speaks with Dennis James about his next five years in bodybuilding competitions (When he will turn 40), training in Kuwait, his legal troubles and about Mr. Olympia.

    Nathan also considers whether he will compete in the Arnold Classic in 2022.

  • ANTOINE VAILLANT on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 48

    Antoine Vaillant talks with Dennis James about bodybuilding, his return to competing in late-2022, recovering from double torn biceps and from subsequent drug addiction, how he started training as a bodybuilder, and more.

  • GUY CISTERNINO on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 47

    Guy Cisternino (Quadro) speaks to Dennis James about his career from 2008-2021 and his relationship with long-time best friend Shawn Rhoden who passed away this year right before Olympia 2021.

    Guy also talks about his battle with injuries and why he chose to "retire" even though it is not settle...

  • Emir Omeragic on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 46

    The young star 22-year old IFBB Pro Emir Omeragic speaks with Dennis James about his young bodybuilding career and how he started bodybuilding in Germany because he was being bullied as a teen having grown up in Montenegro.

    Emir explains his dietary and supplement routines, his need for and choi...

  • CARLOS THOMAS JR on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 45

    The sensation Carlos Thomas Jr. talks to Dennis James about becoming pro last Saturday and competing at the next level!

    Competing in the super heavyweight division, Carlos Thomas Jr. won the super heavyweight and overall championship along with the IFBB pro card at the 2021 Sheru Classic NPC Na...

  • URS KALECINSKI on the Menace Podcast

    Episode 44

    Urs Kalecinski has known Dennis James for a long time before he ever competed. He speaks on the Menace Podcast about being a young bodybuilding and getting started in bodybuilding as a teen, being in the first callouts at Olympia 2021, winning first place at the Tampa Pro and more.

    IFBB Classic...

  • MIKE VAN WYCK on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 43

    Mike Van Wyck talks to Dennis James about the bodybuilding knowledge available today versus back when he was competing as well as access to professional bodybuilders and their willingness to share and help others succeed.

    Mike demonstrated his signature 200lb dumbbell incline presses at the Ol...

  • BRETT WILKIN on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 42

    Brett Wilkin speaks with Dennis James on the Menace Podcast about how he got into bodybuilding

  • MILOS SARCEV on the Menace Podcast

    Episode 41

    Milos Sarcev speaks with Dennis James on the Menace Podcast:

    His trials, his coaching style and secrets, having three athletes in the same Olympia and the science of preparing the highest level of bodybuilding competitors.

  • FOUAD ABIAD on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 40

    Fouad Abiad and Dennis James discuss presenting at the Arnold Classic, Bodybuilding and coaching other athletes as well as training at home versus the gym.

  • SHAUN CLARIDA on the Menace Podcast

    Episode 39

    Shaun Clarida speaks with host Dennis James about sponsorships, being an Olympia 212 champion, competing in the open division at Legion Sports Festival and winning and qualifying for both 212 Olympia AND Mr. Olympia at the Olympia 2022 show in December. Competing in both categories would absolute...

  • REGAN GRIMES on the Menace Podcast

    Episode 38

    Regan Grimes speaks with Dennis James on the Menace Podcast about training amidst Covid, peaking for Olympia, eating non-stop to keep weight and muscle, difficulties for significant others and families during training and back-to-back shows six or seven weeks apart.

    Regan Grimes also talks about...

  • Hany Rambod on the Menace Podcast

    Episode 37

    Bodybuilding coach, Dennis "The Menace" James interviews fellow bodybuilding coach of two Mr. Olympias "The Pro-Creator" Hany Rambod.

  • MIKE O'HEARN on the Menace Podcast

    Episode 36

    Mike O’Hearn talks with Dennis James, about being a bodybuilding icon often considered one of the greatest ambassadors of the sport of bodybuilding. O’Hearn remains as ripped today as he did when he began competing more than four decades ago.

    At age 52, Mike O’Hearn remains the face of bodybuil...

  • JUAN MOREL on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 34

    Dennis James speaks with former Mr Olympia competitor and MyCookieDealer Juan Morel about growing up in Manhattan, NY, and what made him decide to be a bodybuilder.

    As a young man Juan began to buy bodybuilding magazines, and saw competitors such as Ronnie Coleman, Kevin Levrone and Flex Wheeler...

  • SAMIR BANNOUT on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 34

    Samir Bannout (Mr. Olympia 1983) one of only 16 people on the planet with the title "Mr. Olympia" speaks with Dennis James about following the sport, what has changed in bodybuilding and in the Mr. Olympia contest over the years.

    Lifting in Lebanon as a young man, looking up to Arnold in the 70'...

  • GEORGE FARAH on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 33

    George "The Guru" Farah speaks with Dennis James about his history and background being a bodybuilder, coming back from tragedy and competing at the Olympia. How George Farah helps coach bodybuilding champions. And the results.

    "Entanglement" is the foundation of George Farah's coaching and his ...

  • Branch-Warren on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 32

    Dennis James talks with Branch Warren, the 2007 New York Pro winner and two-time top-3 Mr. Olympia finisher.

    Work ethic and determination are phrases that get thrown around quite often. But if you know anything about Branch Warren, they apply to nearly every aspect of the Texas native’s life. Th...

  • JAMES HOLLINGSHEAD on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 31

    Dennis James speaks with James Hollingshead on the Menace Podcast about his similarities to Dorian, his diet, traveling difficulties due to COVID and his conditioning and training routine as Mr Olympia approaches - Will other bodybuilders come in big to compete with Rami instead of being in top c...

  • LEE LABRADA on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 30

    Dennis James talks with Lee Labrada who placed in the Top 5 for each of the seven years he competed in Mr. Olympia.

    It’s one thing for a father to predict great success for his son, but it’s another when the father is a legend in the son’s sport. Lee Labrada has won 13 professional bodybuilding ...

  • The Menace Podcast - Keone Pearson

    Episode 22

    Keone Pearson appears on this week's episode of The Menace Podcast to discuss his vision for the future after transitioning from the Pro Classic Physique to the 212 division.

  • The Menace Podcast - Robert Timms

    Episode 21

    Host of "The Menace Podcast" Dennis James interviews IFBB Classic Physique Pro Robert Timms and talks about his battle against cancer and his future plans.