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ProlificPT Academy

The ProlificPT Academy channel on M&F+ is dedicated to bringing the you the best in health, wellness, and physique enhancement knowledge, while giving you tools to level up your ability to create and grow a thriving coaching business.

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ProlificPT Academy
  • Fitness Academics with Dr. Campbell

    In this episode we break down what Dr. Campbell's current research is over in his lab. If cardio or resistance training is optimal for fat loss. Training perimeters for maximizing hypertrophy, optimal protein intake for hypertrophy. And we even cover current pharmaceutical interventions in the we...

  • Longevity Before It's Too Late

    In this episode we introduce part-time co-host Logan Lewis, and cover the importance of taking our health and fitness seriously for the sake of longevity, and why its important to prioritize our health before it's too late.

  • Sustainability and Nutrition

    In this episode of the ProlificPT Academy, we have guest Steve Taylor. Steve is a registered dietitian with years of industry experience in both coaching and research as a lead dietitian for 3D Muscle Journey. Listen and get some takeaways as to how to build sustainability into your nutrition and...

  • We Have To Be Better

    In this Episode, Isaac gives his thoughts on why we need to be better as coaches in order to elevate the industry. We no longer need to think about money and short term gain. Instead we need to think about impact and the long term health of our clients.

  • Food Quality and Nutrition

    In this episode we have a guest, Alec Moore, who is a Registered Dietitian and runs a company called Nutrition Collaborative. Isaac and Alec discuss their own history with nutrition and contest prep, both good and bad, and the importance of good a variety of foods in your diet. The biggest takeaw...

  • Food Quality with Alec Moore

    In this episode we have on guest Alec Moore who is a Registered Dietitian for his company Nutrition Collaborative. We have a great discussion over the importance of understanding nutritional science as a coach and some of the problems we have seen in current diet culture. The main hot topic of th...

  • Stress as a Busy Coach can RUIN Your Growth

    This episode covers the effects prolonged stress can have on an overworked coach. Isaac shares a personal story of his start in the industry and how overworking led him to a ruined business and many autoimmune conditions. The episode also covers the effects prolonged stress can have, why finding ...

  • Welcome to the ProlificPT Academy

    Welcome to the ProlificPTAcademy Channel. Your host Isaac Miller introduces you to what will be an impact driven channel focused on bringing Health back to Fitness and Wealth to your Coaching Business.