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Bodybuilding legend Dennis James takes viewers along on provocative and free-wheeling interviews with the world's top bodybuilders and coaches. Watch free with registration. Share comments. Stay up to date.

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The Menace Podcast
  • Walter Martin on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 83

    Originally from Detroit, IFBB Pro bodybuilder Walter Martin was always strong even compared to college kids when he was in eighth grade. Struggling with academics, Walter decided minimum pay jobs were not for him. He joined the Job Corp and later ended up competing and opening up his own gym.


  • OG ROUND TABLE, pt 5

    Episode 84

    Includes Kevin Levrone, Chris Cormier, Milos Sarcev and Toney Freeman.
    Another amazing 2-hours all about bodybuilding!

    2:00 - Toney on how he got parasites

    11:15 - Milos shares his tuna story

    15:30 - Toney about taking bathroom pictures and training to look full

    17:00 - Chris to Toney - Tak...

  • How would Derek Lunsford do in the Olympia 2022 Men's Open?

    Episode 82

    Dennis James, Jay Cutler & Chris Cormier talk about how Derek Lunsford would do in the Olympia Men's Open Division, cutting weight, injuries and how Chris almost died on this week's Old School Roundtable. Don't Miss it!

    The Old School Roundtable with Jay Cutler & Chris Cormier

    36:09 - Jay talks...

  • James Hollingshead, Nathan De Asha & Jamie Christian on BRITISH ROUND TABLE

    Episode 81

    Nathan De Asha, Jamie Christian & James Hollingshead talk to Dennis James on The Menace Podcast, British Roundtable.

  • RUSTY JEFFERS on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 80

    Rusty Jeffers who won Teenage Arizona bodybuilding show at age 14 (and for the next three years in a row) talks with Dennis James about his long career in bodybuilding, training with Lee Priest, training bodybuilders, competing in the Masters, coaching and more.

    In earlier days, your posing rout...

  • OG ROUND TABLE on The Menace Podcast - PT 3

    Episode 79

    Lee Priest, Chris Cormier, Dennis James and Milos Sarcev talk on The Menace Podcast. They speak about what happened to Ramy at Pittsburg, Nick Walker, and whether Derek Lunsford should compete in the Men's Open division.

    Chris talks about Dennis beating him and Lee Priest curling 315, plus a ton...

  • The Menace Podcast - JAMES HOLLINGSHEAD - 3

    Episode 78

    James Hollingshead talks to Dennis James on the Menace Podcast about preparing to compete in September. Hollingshead also talks about competing with good friend Samson Dauda.

  • Old School Round Table 2 - Should Shaun Clarida compete in 2 divisions?

    Episode 77

    Bodybuilders Milos Sarcev, George Farar, Dexter Jackson and Dennis James discuss if Shaun Clarida should be able to compete in both 212 and open bodybuilding at The Olympia in 2022 in Las Vegas.

    00:01:00 Staying in shape in retirement – “There’s no such thing as an ex-bodybuilder”
    00:19:00 Do ...

  • Chris Lewis on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 76

    Chris Lewis talks to Dennis James on the Menace Podcast about the early days of Gold's Gym in California, training there and then later training world champion bodybuilders.

    All the top athletes and stars used to work out at Gold's Gym back in the golden era of bodybuilding: Charles Glass, Chris...

  • OLD SCHOOL ROUND TABLE - "Why Mike Tyson hit Chris Cormier"

    Episode 75

    Flex Wheeler, Chris Cormier & Milos Sarcev talk to Dennis James about their experiences in bodybuilding including the time Mike Tyson hit Chris Cormier. This is a SPECIAL OG episode with the legends of the sport of bodybuilding - Don't miss it!

    The Old School Roundtable:
    00:00:00 - Flex talks ab...

  • Johnny Jackson on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 74

    Johnny Jackson speaks with Dennis James about his gym opening, staying in shape since his retirement, the Chicago Pro (which was held in Atlanta due to covid restrictions) and his conditioning.

    Johnny also talks about his opinion on those wanting to compete in multiple divisions like Shaun Clari...

  • DORIAN HAYWOOD on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 73

    Dorian Hayward is the bodybuilding chiropractor and IFBB Men's Open Pro who has trained at Armbrust Pro Gym in Colorado for the last 11 years. When Dorian first started going there, Phil Heath, who also trains at Armbrust wasn't Mr. Olympia yet.

    "I'm gonna start off with Indy Pro. Very next week...

  • DUSTY HANSHAW on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 70

    Dusty Hanshaw speaks with Dennis James about his health and hospitalization and where he is at now and his move to South Carolina.

    Dusty was hospitalized and unconscious for almost a month in Scottsdale, AZ due to a ruptured esophagus that had nothing to do with bodybuilding and has since worked...


    Episode 72

    Jon De La Rosa has competed at the highest levels of bodybuilding from 2012-2019 and won the Toronto Pro Men's Open division in 2019. What has he been up to since? When will his recent injury allow him to get back to training? What about bloodwork and PEDs? How is his gym (Fitness System) doing i...

  • JOE MACKEY on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 71

    IFBB Pro Joe Mackey talks about his start playing football in Texas, the Chicago Pro and his crazy, heavy (Ronnie Coleman-esque) lifts and strength training.

    Mackey’s coach Chad Nicholls says, “Joe Mackey is putting in work. 2022 is going to be fun.” Joe Mackey's dad was a weightlifter, so Joe a...

  • Robert Fletcher with TG The GYM on TMP

    Episode 69

    Robert Fletcher, of TG The GYM, talks about his background, meeting Arnold and the Weiders, and the unique bodybuilding gym business structure at TG The Gym - How it helps trainers keep more money.

    Robert also talks about TG Wellbeing and bloodwork assessment including hormone balancing and TRT,...

  • Tony Doung on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 68

    Tony Duong, runner up in the Boston Pro 2022 Classic Physique division and winner of Classic Physique at the Musclecontest in San Diego talks about being a pro, his qualification for the Olympia in Las Vegas in December, 2022 and more.

    What is it like competing against Urs Kalecinski in the fin...

  • Rafael Brandao on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 67

    Rafael Brandao, winner of the 2021 Romania Muscle Fest in the Open Bodybuilding division, discusses his preparation for the Olympia 2022 in Las Vegas, including his training at the dragon's Lair Gym in Vegas.

    Rafael pulled out of the Arnold Classic last month in order to compete in the Arnold in...

  • Michael Daboul on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 66

    Michael Daboul is an Arnold Classic champion bodybuilder with unbelievable conditioning who lives in the UK. He talks about how he prepares for shows, cheat meals, water retention and more.

    On this episode of the Menace Podcast, Michael talks with Dennis about growing up in Syria, becoming a bod...

  • JOSH LENARTOWICZ on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 65

    Josh Lenartowicz confirms that he is not retired and details his hospitalization and recovery from a tumor in his skull, as well as his recovery from almost dying.

    Josh, who is Australia’s highest ranked Professional Bodybuilder, details his struggles with seizures after training, loss of memory...

  • MILOS SARCEV on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 64

    Milos Sarcev discusses the results of the 2022 Arnold Classic and Brandon Curry vs. William Bonac as well as other competitors such as Samson Dauda (who is competing in the USA in his first show).

    Regan and Milos catching Covid, tanning at Boston Pro, and more! Overall the Boston Pro 2022 was hi...

  • EVAN CENTOPANI on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 63

    Evan Centopani hasn't competed in bodybuilding contests since 2016, but still has gas in the tank. He is currently helping the bodybuilding community and others to invest and plan for their future.

    Evan talks about sponsorships and his relationship with Animal Pak and Mike Rockoff, his leg injur...

  • CHRIS CORMIER on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 62

    Bodybuilding coach Chris Cormier speaks with Dennis James about Breon Ansley heading into the 2022 Arnold Classic, his retirement from competitive bodybuilding,

  • JUSTIN RODRIGUEZ on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 60

    Justin Rodriguez has been giving sneak peeks of his bodybuilding prep weeks out from the Arnold Classic 2022 Men's Open. According to Dennis, People do not take Justin seriously enough. He is a dangerous man! Justin speaks with Dennis James about the Men's Open division, his training, his admirat...