The Fight Nutritionist

The Fight Nutritionist

Registered Dietitian, Master’s in Sports Nutrition, and combat sports specialist Jackie Kaminski discusses the fitness world’s most deliberated topics.

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The Fight Nutritionist
  • The Fight Nutritionist: Introduction

    Jackie Kaminski, a registered dietician, introduces herself and discusses her connection to the combat sport world.

  • The Fight Nutritionist: Fats

    The Fight Nutritionist explains the various types of fats and offers ways to balance the intake of all of them.

  • The Fight Nutritionist: Carbohydrates

    The Fight Nutritionist explains what a Carbohydrates is as well as how they can influence your diet and exercise.

  • The Fight Nutritionist: Protein

    The Fight Nutritionist runs down the differences of plant and animal proteins in addition to their influence on your diet and exercise.

  • How to pick protein powders

    In this video you will learn all about how to discern quality products from BS. Learn about what labels to look for, what those labels mean, and how to make more educated decisions when choosing quality supplements.

  • Protein Needs for Endurance vs Strength Based Athletes

    Does protein influence performance? Protein intake has always been suggested for post-training, but what about pre-training or during training? In this video learn all about protein timing and needs for both endurance and strength based athletes.

  • Plant Based Diet Guidelines for Athletes

    Missing meat? The choice to move to plant based is not uncommon. However, by eliminating a major food group you can develop certain nutrient deficiencies that play major roles in your health and performance. Learn all the do's, don'ts, and best nutrients to supplement with if following a plant ba...