Fitness workouts, Life Success Coaching, Mindset Coaching. Nutrition Coaching, Bodybuilding, meal prep and Posing.
Natural Hormone balancing, Weight Loss, Sport specific training and rehabilitation. Self Love and learning to Heal from emotional blockages and trauma.
Change your thinking - Change your Life / Training through injuries / Natural healthy remedies / Self Defense and Self protection skills.
Tactical style training. Executive protection training.
Podcast Training , Radio / TV Show and Red carpet ready Training.
Fight addictions, mental health, PTSD/ Trauma, Abuse and eating disorders using holistic and natural remedies. Overcoming Domestic Violence, Counseling from abusive relationships and family traumas. Letting go of the past.
Healing through sound, meditation and music

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  • Set yourself up for Success!

    Set up your day for Success!! Set Intentions. Talk about what you are Grateful for. Live your Life with purpose.

    Join me in My UNLEASHED Self Defense Class May 27 at The Box Training Center. Costa Mesa, California

  • Jugular Notch - Self Defense Technique

    Jugular Notch - Self Defense Technique. This is a very effective self defense technique. Practicing this technique over and over is recommended to make sure you have the confidence and skill to use this technique if needed.

  • Training Through your Injuries

    Training safely through your injuries and listening to your body. It is about going slow and strengthening and lengthening your muscles, ligaments and tendons.Rest appropriately and be patient with yourself. It can be a very frustrating process. Be kind and gentle to yourself. Reach out today to ...

  • Womens Health with Dr. Michael Jones

    Dr. Michael Jones really dives into Women's health, Hormones, Pre menopause and menopause. How to get through this difficult time. How to feel Great again and live a longer happier and Healthy Life.

  • Womens Health with Dr. Michael Jones

    Women’s Health, hormones, menopause, healthy supplementation and taking control over our health for longevity, abundance and to feel absolutely extraordinary at any age.
    Live Life. UNLEASHED with TLC

  • Wellness and Holistic Health with Jeffrey Gaal

    Learning how to live an abundant Life, becoming fully present and connected on all levels. Body, Mind and Spirit. Live Life Unleashed and Free from bondage of self. Release Fear, Anxiety, trauma and stress. Self Love, Self Care and Healing. The powerful tools to a peaceful, Healthy and successful...


    Welcome to my new show LIFE UNLEASHED WITH TLC! On my dynamic Show you ladies and girls (guys) will learn All about Health, Fitness, Relationships, Mental Health, Addictions, Hormones, Acting and movies, Injuries and recovery. Healing - Body, Mind and Spirit, Self Defense, Self Protection.We will...