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Episode 4A: 5-Minute Money Moves

Muscle and Money: Season 2 • 6m 59s

Up Next in Muscle and Money: Season 2

  • Episode 1: Testing

    "Want to know what happens when a client comes back to work with you…a decade later? Then you’re going to love this season of Muscle & Money!

    Our client, Molly, came to us 10 years ago, along with her then-husband, for support with managing their increasing income and increasing family — they l...

  • Episode 1A: 5-Minute Money Moves

    "Have you ever had a BIG idea – one that could be game-changing, but you’re worried about how to make it happen? You are DEFINITELY not alone — we’ve found that when there’s something to test, people either don’t because they’re not financially able to, or they do, and they go into debt to do it,...

  • Episode 2: Investing

    "Get ready for another super-fun episode, and a very important step in Molly’s burgeoning business journey! In today’s episode, we’re diving deep to share what happens once you’re done testing your idea. Because once the dollars start rolling in, things can go from “side hustle” to “full time” fa...