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Episode 2: Investing

Muscle and Money: Season 2 • 21m

Up Next in Muscle and Money: Season 2

  • Episode 3: Refining

    What happens when your little “side hustle” becomes your full-time income? Two words: growing pains. Thankfully, as we catch back up with Molly, she’s got support as she gets closer to that 6-figure mark (in under a year!), which means that her growing pains are far less than they could be — beca...

  • Episode 3A: 5-Minute Money Moves

    Fun fact: the financial plan you used to get you to where you are is NOT the same plan you’ll need to get to where you want to go. As you move closer and closer to your goal, you’ll want to take time to refine your plan as you gather new information based on how your goals and life are changing. ...

  • Episode 4: Growing

    "Find out how Molly’s business is doing, and the shifts that we made in our approach to her coaching as her business grew. When you’re starting a new business, you have limitations, but once you’ve passed the point of what you need to survive…then what?

    …and that is exactly what we’re going to b...