World of Wellness

World of Wellness

World of Wellness is dedicated to improving and optimizing the functioning of the entire person: body, mind, and emotions, through safe, effective, and natural methods. We carry a robust inventory of natural health solutions while offering premium wellness services including:

- Traditional chiropractic treatment with internationally-renown Dr. Gideon Orbach
- Cupping therapy
- Laser therapy
- TPI certified screening with sports rehabilitation expert Dr. Philip Ross
- Muscle testing (Applied Kinesiology)
- Allergy elimination treatment
- Nutritional consult
- Muscle therapy
- Trigger-point therapy

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World of Wellness
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    Attention fitness professionals! The allergy season in the United States is expanding and becoming more prolonged.

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    The Holistic Truth, Hosted by Jamie Dorley & Joe Messino goes live on Mondays at 12 PM EST. Join us every week as we discuss trending health topics, tips on how to improve mind, body, & spirit, & showcase upcoming wellness events hosted by us in the Pittsburgh area.

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