Uplift Yourself with Ashleigh

Uplift Yourself with Ashleigh

Ashleigh Quint is a nationally recognized strength coach with 20+ years of coaching experience. An expert in health optimization, Ashleigh’s professional experience has included working under world-renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin, training NHL/NFL athletes and Olympic gold medalists. Ashleigh has studied and worked with some of the most popular, influential strength and conditioning coaches the industry has to offer: Charles Poliquin the Strength Sensei; Nelson Ayotte; Ben Prentiss; Ben Velazquez; Milos Sarcev; Andre Benoit; Ryan Faehnl; Anthony Castore; Louie Simmons; Jason “Gus” Gusic; and John Quint, to name a few. Uplift Yourself with Ashleigh will increase your knowledge in the gym and strengthen your level of health optimization.

Follow Ashleigh and her gym, Uplift as she highlights her close-knit strength network of the most influential coaches of the fitness industry. Ashleigh will be joined by medical physicians who emphasize educating the patient in order to foster clear understanding of medical conditions and collaborative development of treatment plans when dealing with preventative and anti-aging health goals. Ashleigh will uplift you by exposing the best kept secrets of the strength training industry!

Uplift Yourself with Ashleigh now!

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Uplift Yourself with Ashleigh
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