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Bodybuilding legend Dennis James takes viewers along on provocative and free-wheeling interviews with the world's top bodybuilders and coaches. Watch free with registration. Share comments. Stay up to date.

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The Menace Podcast
  • Rafael Brandao on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 67

    Rafael Brandao, winner of the 2021 Romania Muscle Fest in the Open Bodybuilding division, discusses his preparation for the Olympia 2022 in Las Vegas, including his training at the dragon's Lair Gym in Vegas.

    Rafael pulled out of the Arnold Classic last month in order to compete in the Arnold in...

  • Michael Daboul on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 66

    Michael Daboul is an Arnold Classic champion bodybuilder with unbelievable conditioning who lives in the UK. He talks about how he prepares for shows, cheat meals, water retention and more.

    On this episode of the Menace Podcast, Michael talks with Dennis about growing up in Syria, becoming a bod...

  • JOSH LENARTOWICZ on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 65

    Josh Lenartowicz confirms that he is not retired and details his hospitalization and recovery from a tumor in his skull, as well as his recovery from almost dying.

    Josh, who is Australia’s highest ranked Professional Bodybuilder, details his struggles with seizures after training, loss of memory...

  • MILOS SARCEV on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 64

    Milos Sarcev discusses the results of the 2022 Arnold Classic and Brandon Curry vs. William Bonac as well as other competitors such as Samson Dauda (who is competing in the USA in his first show).

    Regan and Milos catching Covid, tanning at Boston Pro, and more! Overall the Boston Pro 2022 was hi...

  • EVAN CENTOPANI on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 63

    Evan Centopani hasn't competed in bodybuilding contests since 2016, but still has gas in the tank. He is currently helping the bodybuilding community and others to invest and plan for their future.

    Evan talks about sponsorships and his relationship with Animal Pak and Mike Rockoff, his leg injur...

  • CHRIS CORMIER on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 62

    Bodybuilding coach Chris Cormier speaks with Dennis James about Breon Ansley heading into the 2022 Arnold Classic, his retirement from competitive bodybuilding,

  • JUSTIN RODRIGUEZ on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 60

    Justin Rodriguez has been giving sneak peeks of his bodybuilding prep weeks out from the Arnold Classic 2022 Men's Open. According to Dennis, People do not take Justin seriously enough. He is a dangerous man! Justin speaks with Dennis James about the Men's Open division, his training, his admirat...

  • TONY DOHERTY on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 61

    Tony Doherty speaks with Dennis James about the COZVID-19 lockdowns in America and Australia, canceling maybe 40 bodybuilding shows over the past 2 and a half years, canceling the Arnold Classic, continuing to keep staff working and losing money. It has been a tough year for promoters like Tony D...

  • HIDETADA YAMAGISHI and IRIS KYLE on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 59

    Hidetada Yamagishi and Iris Kyle talk about their experience opening the Powerhouse Gym in Vegas, running the Bodi Cafe, Hide's official retirement, the 2020 Olympia, his long career and exit plan from active bodybuilding.

    Hidetada Yamagishi is probably the most well-known bodybuilder and most a...

  • QUINTON ERIYA on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 58

    Quinton Erihu talks about his IFBB Pro Debut at the Toronto Pro in 2019, his quad training regime, how he chooses shows to compete in, his contest schedule for 2022, training with Big Mike, proper form and his relationship with other Canadian bodybuilders.

    "I still need to prove myself (before s...

  • SAMSON DAUDA on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 57

    Samson Dauda, Nigerian born and British resident started his bodybuilding career in 2012, and entered his first amateur show in 2014. He speaks with Dennis James about his method of trial-and-error in bodybuilding, his rivalry with Nathan De Asha, his five back-to-back shows in 2021, winning in P...

  • ANDREW JACKED on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 56

    (Chinedu) Andrew Jacked originally from Nigeria (via Dubai) is taking the bodybuilding world by storm and is getting a lot of attention lately. In this interview he speaks with Dennis James about his background, training in Las Vegas with Flex Lewis and with Larry Walker, and his size at his 6'2"...

  • JAKE WOOD on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 55

    Jake Wood appears on Dennis James' The Menace Podcast to talk about his past, his involvement in bodybuilding and sponsorship, his purchase of the Olympia and his vision for the future of competitive bodybuilding.
    This is an episode you won't want to miss!!!

    "If it wasn't for women's bodybuildi...

  • PATRICK TUOR on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 54

    Talks with Dennis James about his bodybuilding career, coaching elite bodybuilders like Ian Valliere, James Hollingshead, and others for the Arnold Classic and the Olympia,...and being a successful bodybuilding coach.

    Patrick states that the Men's Open Olympia has gotten better, not worse, over ...

  • CHRIS ACETO on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 53

    Chris Aceto talks about being a world class bodybuilder coach and his long career. Being on the tail end of his coaching career, the money, and the biggest changes in bodybuilding competitions including the Olympia over the years. Chris talks about the open competition and how age catches everybo...

  • STAN DE LONGEAUX on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 52

    Stan De Longeaux speaks with Dennis James about bodybuilding, his future plans for Mr. Olympia 2022, his friendship with Shawn Rhoden, insights about accusations against him and more.

    Stan de Longeaux finished in 10th place in the 2019 Olympia Classic Physique and now competes in the open.


  • CHAD NICHOLLS on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 51

    Chad Nicholls is no stranger to controversy as a top coach of elite bodybuilders, including working with 2X Mr. Olympia champion, Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay.

    On this episode of “The Menace Podcast” Chad looks back at his multi-decade career and shares his opinions on numerous topics. He also lo...

  • William Bonac on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 50

    Two-time Arnold Classic Champion William Bonac had to watch the last Classic due to Covid restrictions. He talks with Dennis James about missing the Arnold Classic, watching the other competitors including Nick Walker (who came out of nowhere to win), Mr . Olympia in 2021 and his trtaining regime...

  • Nathan De Asha on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 49

    Nathan De Asha speaks with Dennis James about his next five years in bodybuilding competitions (When he will turn 40), training in Kuwait, his legal troubles and about Mr. Olympia.

    Nathan also considers whether he will compete in the Arnold Classic in 2022.

  • ANTOINE VAILLANT on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 48

    Antoine Vaillant talks with Dennis James about bodybuilding, his return to competing in late-2022, recovering from double torn biceps and from subsequent drug addiction, how he started training as a bodybuilder, and more.

  • GUY CISTERNINO on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 47

    Guy Cisternino (Quadro) speaks to Dennis James about his career from 2008-2021 and his relationship with long-time best friend Shawn Rhoden who passed away this year right before Olympia 2021.

    Guy also talks about his battle with injuries and why he chose to "retire" even though it is not settle...

  • Emir Omeragic on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 46

    The young star 22-year old IFBB Pro Emir Omeragic speaks with Dennis James about his young bodybuilding career and how he started bodybuilding in Germany because he was being bullied as a teen having grown up in Montenegro.

    Emir explains his dietary and supplement routines, his need for and choi...

  • CARLOS THOMAS JR on The Menace Podcast

    Episode 45

    The sensation Carlos Thomas Jr. talks to Dennis James about becoming pro last Saturday and competing at the next level!

    Competing in the super heavyweight division, Carlos Thomas Jr. won the super heavyweight and overall championship along with the IFBB pro card at the 2021 Sheru Classic NPC Na...

  • URS KALECINSKI on the Menace Podcast

    Episode 44

    Urs Kalecinski has known Dennis James for a long time before he ever competed. He speaks on the Menace Podcast about being a young bodybuilding and getting started in bodybuilding as a teen, being in the first callouts at Olympia 2021, winning first place at the Tampa Pro and more.

    IFBB Classic...