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The ManLab

A Health Podcast that explores the various scientific & natural methods of improving mens physical & mental health so that we can help Make Men Great Again.

The ManLab is a podcast created by T-Clinics USA with the goal of being completely transparent with all the information that is shared.

From educational episodes through to guest episodes, we take a dive into what we see is working, isn't working & what is being developed in the health arena.

T-Clinics USA is a mens optimization clinic. From weight loss, nutrition and lifestyle support through to peptides & TRT.

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The ManLab
  • Semaglutide Explained: The Pro's & Concerns to Consider

    Semaglutide, coined the "miracle weight loss drug" is a peptide that has some remarkable satiating powers. But there are also a number of concerns coming out:

    • Extreme weight loss
    • Ozempic Face
    • Muscle & bone density loss

    So in this episode of The ManLab, Jeff Delaney & Alex Joseph go throug...

  • MK 677 / Ibutamoren Explained In Detail

    "Ibutamoren (aka MK 677) is helping body builders increase muscle & size & we are going in detail for you.

    Two of the co-founders of T-Clinics USA, Jeff Delaney & Alex Joseph take a deep dive into this Human Growth Hormone Secretagogue Peptide that also promotes the production of Ghrelin (known...

  • CJC1295 + Ipamorelin peptides & keeping young

    CJC1295 with Ipamorelin is a popular Human Growth Hormone stimulant circulating in the medical health industry. But what is it? What makes it better than Exogenous Human Growth Hormone? Why & how did Blake Doyle gain 8lbs of muscle in 14 days?

    In this episode Alex & Blake cover all aspects of CJ...

  • BPC157: What is this Wolverine Peptide?

    BPC 157 is the new "hot peptide" because of its healing abilities, with athletes being able to heal in record time from serious injuries like torn ligaments, broken bones and muscle pain.

    BPC 157 is also being used for gut health with its daily capsule option which helps with gut healing & opti...