Menopause Mastery Show

Menopause Mastery Show

Welcome to Menopause Mastery. This show is for women in the second season of life, the season of menopause, who are ready for more; health - vitality - passion - purpose!

Join host, Betty Murray (part geek, part magician, and your new medical bestie with a dash of sass), as she takes complex science and makes it easier to integrate into daily life. Nutrition, hormones, functional medicine, and a wellness lifestyle are only the tip of the conversation. Join the journey to uncover your deepest desires, harness your physical and mental health, and peel back the layers to know exactly what you want out of life.

Let’s make this season the best ever!

Betty Murray is a nutritionist, PhD. researcher, women's health advocate, and certified functional medicine practitioner with over 2 decades of experience helping women regain their health and vitality. She is the founder and CEO of Living Well Dallas Functional Medicine Center, author, speaker, and podcast host of Menopause Mastery Podcast.

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Menopause Mastery Show
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