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  • Why it’s so hard to lose weight over 40/50 & beyond?

    Midlife can be a very challenging time in a woman’s life from a weight loss perspective. In this video, I will discuss why weight loss can be challenging for women over 40. You will learn about how your metabolism changes in midlife, what types of foods are best to eat and which ones to avoid. ...

  • How Alcohol Affects Sleep In Midlife.

    Sleep in midlife is so very important and directly affects our mood, muscle, weight loss, hot flashes or night sweats. Alcohol is a disruptor of that entire list above. In this video I will discuss options that you can utilize when in social circles if you choose not to drink alcohol. You will ...

  • What Happens in Midlife?

    Midlife Mastery encompasses all the pertinent information a woman over 40/50 & beyond needs in order to navigate this very special time in their lives. A midlife woman goes through physiological, biological and mental changes of which many can be confusing and/or cause anxiety. MIdlife Mastery ...

  • The Fight Nutritionist: Protein

    The Fight Nutritionist runs down the differences of plant and animal proteins in addition to their influence on your diet and exercise.

  • The Fight Nutritionist: Fats

    The Fight Nutritionist explains the various types of fats and offers ways to balance the intake of all of them.

  • The Fight Nutritionist: Carbohydrates

    The Fight Nutritionist explains what a Carbohydrates is as well as how they can influence your diet and exercise.

  • The Fight Nutritionist: Introduction

    Jackie Kaminski, a registered dietician, introduces herself and discusses her connection to the combat sport world.