ANGT TV America's Next Great Trainer

ANGT TV America's Next Great Trainer

2 Episodes

Physicians, Trainers, Athletes. Sharing advice, tips, and information in medicine, health, fitness, anti-aging, nutrition, sports science, and motivation. Including experts in business and marketing for personal trainers, athletes, and gym owners.

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ANGT TV America's Next Great Trainer
  • Marine Vet John Starner's Life Changing Story

    Episode 1

    Great trainers make a difference, changing and saving. lives. Marine Vet John Starner was injured in the military. His life spiraled downward. He was going to die. His life changed the day he met trainer Shawn Nutter. Listen and watch this very inspiring story.

  • The Mindset of a Trainer. Featuring Loren Landow

    The Mindset of a Great Trainer. Featuring Loren Landow, head strength and conditioning coach of the Denver Broncos. Produced by Andrew Ackerman.